DigiByte on the up and up


DigiByte (DGB) is currently being reviewed by Coinbase for a potential listing. Many investors and supporters are excited as this could be a catalyst for a meteoric rise of the digital asset.

Most cryptocurrencies have struggled to provide scalable, secure, and decentralized payment systems. DigiByte intends to succeed where most have failed as they claim to have a proven and tested solution that is faster and more secure than other blockchains.

In this article we will talk about DigiByte, its potential listing on Coinbase, as well as where to buy DGB.


What is DigiByte?

DigiByte is a decentralized blockchain ecosystem that provides secure, fast, and scalable transactions. It has a native asset called DGB, which functions as a currency for moving value across the system.

DigiByte consists of three different layers. The top layer enables smart contracts, assets issuance, digital identity, and decentralized applications. The middle layer serves as a public record where DGB moves throughout the network. 

Lastly, the bottom layer encompasses the core framework, consisting of the nodes and client software.

For all these solutions, DigiByte has been viewed as a complete blockchain solution, making it one of the most attractive cryptocurrencies among investors and enthusiasts alike. As of June 2020, DGB has a market cap of roughly $278 million.


DigiAssets Protocol

DigiAssets is the top layer of the DigiByte blockchain. It enables the issuance of smart contracts, digital identity, tokens, and many more.

This platform can be used to digitally represent any physical object in the real-world including real estate, vehicles, music and other art pieces, signed documents like deeds or medical bills, etc.

The DigiAssets ecosystem has attracted several interested parties who are currently building platforms in finance, remittance, real estate, healthcare, supply chain, government, trade, racing, etc.

Latest DigiByte News

DGB is one of 18 digital assets under the review of Coinbase. The exchange is known to have a rigorous technical and compliance review process. Nonetheless, DGB supporters are confident that the cryptocurrency will likely be listed due to its popularity and innovative solution.

The fact the DigiByte never launched a token sale nor ICO also makes it less susceptible to regulatory hurdles that prevent exchanges from offering the token in certain jurisdictions.

Merchant adoption of DGB has also seen two major pumps in the last two months.

DGB Graph

According to Cryptwerk, 446 businesses accept DGB as payment for goods and services. As you can see from the graph, merchant adoption has been growing steadily since June 2018. However, growth has become exponential starting last May. 



Another remarkable coin being explored by Coinbase is Siacoin (SIA). It is a decentralized cloud storage blockchain platform. They have essentially built a solution that competes with centralized data storage providers like Apple, DropBox, Amazon, Microsoft, etc.

SiaCoin works by splitting and encrypting data and then distributing it in a decentralized database.


Where to Buy DigiByte, Siacoin and other coins/tokens?

Changeangel.io allows anyone to buy DGB, SIA, RDD, POT, THETA, RVN, BTG, LTC, GRS LINK, REN and many other cryptocurrencies at float rate market price with BTC or any other coin that is listed through cross swapping.  


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