Ethereum wants to escape consolidation. Watch these levels.

ethereum price analysis
  • Ethereum must finish the day above $1,800 in order to prevent losses from reaching $1,700.
  • Between $1,905 and $1,958, the IOMAP model has identified a significant barrier.
  • If support at $1,700 fails, a decline to $1,300 would not be implausible.

Ethereum was able to defend the $1,700 support level on Thursday, following a global reversal of the week’s early gains. The pioneer smart-contracts coin rose beyond $1,800, but the upswing faded when the 50 Simple Moving Average (SMA) was reached on the four-hour chart.

In general, Ethereum is accumulating losses alongside other alternative cryptocurrencies. The aim among bulls is to safeguard Ether’s downside while concentrating on climbing the ladder over $2,000

How Long Will Ethereum’s Price Stay In a Holding Pattern?

As we moved into the month of June, the stochastic RSI oscillator showed a downward trend, moving out of the overbought region. Within a short period of time, there was an extraordinary oversupply of ether, which made it difficult to recuperate. Bears appeared to have a firm grasp on the market when a tiny negative divergence was spotted on the chart (below). As a result, it was anticipated that the rate of additional drop would quicken in the upcoming sessions.

If the price of bitcoin stays over $1,800 for at least four hours or a day, then the market may not drop any lower than $1,700. In the meantime, the Bollinger Bands indicated that a phase of consolidation was currently taking place, with the bottom limit marked at $1,700 and the higher limit highlighted at $2,000.

With Ethereum’s price moving below the middle boundary and the 50 SMA, the odds may be in favour of a long-term downtrend.

Source: TradingView

If the strong buyer congestion zone at $1,700 breaks, the price of Ethereum could fall to $1,300. Still, possible cushions of $1,680, $1,480, and $1,360 are already in place to take the selling pressure.

On the bright side, if Ether broke through this barrier, it may rise above $2,000 by a large amount. Traders should also be aware of the likely delays that will happen at $2,100 and $2,400.

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