How to Convert BTC to THETA

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With Changeangel, you can easily swap any available token with THETA fast and enjoy the best conversion rate. For instance, if you want to buy THETA with BTC, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Head over to Changeangel’s homepage or visit

  2. Choose what token you want to convert to THETA in the drop-down menu on the right and input the amount you want to spend. In this case, I choose BTC, amounting to 0.1
    Buy Theta Dropdown

  3. Now choose THETA on the second drop-down menu below. The amount you are to receive will be automatically generated. In my case, 0.1 BTC = 445.34 THETA
    Buy Theta - Step 2

  4. Click “Exchange”. You will then be directed to the transaction page. Hit “Exchange” again. Note that the amount of THETA you will receive might change as these digital currencies are extremely volatile.

  5. Next, you need to input your THETA wallet address. If you don’t have any, you can easily create one on Once that’s done, click “Next”.

    Buy Theta - Step 3

  6. You will then be asked to input your refund address. If anything goes wrong, your funds will be sent back to this address. In my case, the coin is BTC. Once done, click “Next”.

    Buy Theta - Step 4

  7. You will then be asked to review all information you’ve input and confirm. Make sure everything is accurate before clicking “Next”.

    Changeangel Login

    Next, you need to sign in. Log in with your credentials if you already have an account. If you don’t, signing up is quite easy and fast. There are two ways to create an account in Changeangel.
    One is the classic email and password setup, and the other method is the AntumID/Digi-ID setup. If you opt for the AntumID/Digi-ID method, you’ll need to download the DigiByte wallet and enter your email when prompted. Once your account is set up, you may log in and carry on with the transaction.

  8. Now that everything’s in order, simply send the exact amount you’ve input from your refund address to the address provided, or scan the QR code. And voila! You just swapped your coin to THETA.

    Last Step - Changeangel

    THETA is a proof-of-stake token hosted on the Theta network, a decentralized content-delivery platform based on blockchain technology, and is used for staking and securing the system. This staking process enables users to earn Theta Fuel (TFUEL), which is also a Theta blockchain native asset that functions similarly to Ethereum’s gas. THETA and TFUEL are essential for all network activities on the Theta network to run.

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