Not your keys, not your crypto

“Not your keys, not your crypto” is an adage derived from the Proof of Keys concept, which discourages the dependence on exchanges for the storage of one’s crypto assets and promotes self-storage instead.

Blockchain Explorer Basics

A blockchain explorer is a web-based tool used to search and view transaction and other useful information related to a specific blockchain. It provides a record of past and current transactions and up to date details on block creation. While a blockchain explorer can be used to monitor more technical aspects of blockchain performance, it is more commonly used to monitor balance and transaction information for a known wallet address.

DigiByte on the up and up

DigiByte (DGB) is currently being reviewed by Coinbase for a potential listing. Many investors and supporters are excited as this could be a catalyst for a meteoric rise of the digital asset.

Most cryptocurrencies have struggled to provide scalable, secure, and decentralized payment systems. DigiByte intends to succeed where most have failed as they claim to have a proven and tested solution that is faster and more secure than other blockchains.