TCAP: Tokenizing the total Crypto market capitalisation


The TCAP token provides investors access to a wide range of crypto products and financial products that will help them become a part of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

The TCAP token

  • The Total Crypto Market Cap (TCAP) token is developed on the Ethereum blockchain and is a smart contract which focuses on tokenizing the entire total market capitalization which are listed on the numerous reputable crypto data providers. Thus in short the token represents the entire market cap of the crypto market.
  • The index tokens like TCAP operating in the cryptocurrency ecosystem are a part of the growing range of DeFi products operating in the ecosystem. This token provides the investors a wider exposure in the markets with the help of a single token.
  • The token is formed on tracking the index which represents all the coins in the ecosystem the individual volatility that comes associated with the cryptocurrency isn’t a part of this token.

This results in the TCAP token turning out to be more stable than its counterparts operating in the market. The TCAP token can be directly correlated to a ETF ie. An exchange traded fund or index fund operating in the traditional financial markets.

The CTX token

Cryptex Finance launched the TCAP token. CTX token is integrated with Cryptex Finance. The CTX token which is an ERC-20 token directly allows it’s holders to initiate updates on the TCAP token network. The CTX token launched itself with a supply of ten million which was distributed among the finance team of Cryptex, advisors on the project, the protocol treasury as well as various community members based on the network.

Apart from that CTX token can also be earned on various decentralised exchanges by providing liquidity on the TCAP token.

The Cryptex Finance team plans to satisfy the ever increasing appetite of the investors in the market for various crypto related financial products which provide direct exposure to this over expanding market. The TCAP tokens enter a wide range of the market wherein the market is expanding day by day and also it has many competitors in the market which are competing with it in the “index funds” category. This sector of the cryptocurrency market focusing on crypto derivatives assets focuses on reinforcing a wider market stability as well as a long term crypto market maturity.