Verge Currency, a look at where we come from, and where we are going.


Verge Currency is one of the older coins that exist in the world of digital currencies. One of over 3000 other coins.  In its early life,Verge was a fork of Peercoin (itself a fork of bitcoin) named Dogecoin Dark, as an ode to the satirical coin, Dogecoin.   The reasons to create Verge, were similar; tired of random coins being created that served no purpose beyond quickly making a few rich, Verge was  therefore created with the goal of privacy by hiding users IP through the TOR network, without any funding.  


Fast forward to today, Verge never had an ICO although our community did raise funds originally to pay for different listings, it ended up using the raised funds to provide MindGeek  with a cash reserve, and as such became a partner of the adult industry giant.         

Between now and it’s humble birth to cryptocurrency enthusiasts, to its propelling into crypto fame, Verge Currency has always been an advocate of distributed networks as well as decentralization within its own organisation.  As such, Verge is still being developed by an army of volunteers from across the globe, each bringing their own talents to the project.

In its quest to promote currencies that are not backed by any government entity, Verge Currency also works with other projects, from traveling industry to payment platforms,  to  the growing CBD industry, leveraging its large community to promote awareness of digital currencies.  

By the end of 2019, adult actors around the globe were hit by a boycott from PayPal, which decided to cut off adult workers.  Verge Currency being the first crypto payout option on MindGeek, quickly released a text guide as well as  visual one, showing the performers how to move beyond fiat.  In the first half of 2020, Verge Currency announced a partnership with MeconCash, allowing its users to withdraw Verge in over 13’000 atm’s.  Shortly after this, another partnership with Mobie, a platform that will allow its users to pay with crypto anywhere NFC is accepted, you can check out the video created for the occasion, on the verge youtube.        

Going forward in 2020, Verge is ramping up its infrastructure of easy to use wallets, with a revamped android wallet free of other apps (orbot) Verge is also looking for more ways for its users to exchange their Verge into fiat currency, while continuing its mission of acceptance around the globe.  Which is why I wrote this article, for ChangeAngel, a non custodial exchange for non-ico coins only. 

Find out about our various outreach efforts by following us on twitter @VergeCurrency, our facebook page, our official group: the unofficial group.   If you are into esports, be sure to check out on twitter @Fueled_by_Verge or on facebook.  You can also reach out via discord, telegram, and email with

Of course Verge Currency is open source, so if you want to checkout the code, visit, and toss a coin to your developer!

Alex Ederer

Marketing Adviser for Verge Currency

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